1-1/2" DWV Male Clean-Out Adapter

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Cleanout fittings are used in DWV projects to have a easy access  for cleaning or servicing a pipe line. Cleanout fittings fit into fitting hub and have a female threaded end that accepts a male threaded plug. This design makes opening and closing the line simple. DWV fittings, however, are usually used to handle drainage or venting of sewage. They are made for non-pressurized uses, and should not be used for pressurized liquid or gas. Cleanouts come in a range of sizes from relatively small pipe sizes to large diameter cleanout fittings with plugs.

  • Cleanout adapters are made of white PVC and are resistant to corrosion.

  • They can handle up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit like other PVC materials.

  • ASTM standards for DWV PVC fittings and are also NSF 14 certified for potable water use.

  • Solvent welds into fitting hub and adapts to male threaded plug.

  • Teflon thread tape is recommended for threaded joints.       

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